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NGOs ask governments heading to Paris Climate Summit: 100% renewable energy, zero poverty, are you in?

November 27, 2015

Pioneering child rights policy from Zanzibar wins distinguished international award

October 20, 2015


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Realising the rights of children: Nine policies contend for international award

September 23, 2015

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Euro crisis: World Future Council calls for "Irish debt cut" for Greece

June 19, 2015

Capital Markets Union a gift to the financial sector

June 8, 2015

Rights of Children: 29 policies nominated for Future Policy Award 2015

June 1, 2015

International Conference: Making Decisions for a better tomorrow

April 27, 2015

Global Alliance calls for quality criteria for 100% Renewable Energy Targets

April 9, 2015

Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina share best policies for reducing gun violence

March 11, 2015

Namibian mayors vow to combat hunger and malnutrition through concrete policy action

February 12, 2015

World Future Council calls for political intervention to stop FGM

February 5, 2015

Sirpa Pietikäinen and Shuaib Chalklen join World Future Council

January 20, 2015

Archive 2014

UN Climate Talks: World Future Councillor Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf to co-chair critical negotiations

December 15, 2014

ECOFIN consultations on Financial Transaction Tax: Exceptions undermine effectiveness

December 9, 2014

Dr. Auma Obama joins World Future Council

November 25, 2014

Ahead of the G20-Summit in Brisbane: World Future Council calls for regulation of the shadow banking system

November 14, 2014

25th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Nine-year old author shares vision of a green and just future

November 14, 2014

Inspirational US policy wins prestigious international prize on ending violence against women

October 15, 2014

Future Policy Award 2014: Duluth Model is world’s best policy

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MPs from six East African countries sign declaration to save forests

October 6, 2014

Inter-Parliamentary Hearing in Nairobi comes to successful close

International “Forests for People” Hearing Kicks off in Nairobi

July 22, 2014

Members of Parliament from African Countries discuss Visionary Forest Policies

Namibian mayors sign declaration to end hunger and malnutrition

July 24, 2014

Three-day workshop on food and nutrition security comes to successful close as leaders agree to drive urban agriculture

Making malnutrition a thing of the past

July 22, 2014

Three-day workshop on food and nutrition security in Windhoek kicks off with keynote by Namibian Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable Marco Hausiku

Calling on the UN to better address the needs of future generations

July 1, 2014

World Future Council sets the case for a High Commissioner for Future Generations in order to safeguard the lives of tomorrow

Choose Life Without Weapons: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Argentina meet both on and off the pitch

June 17, 2014

On the occasion of the Football World Cup match between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Argentina, a coalition of organisations launches a dialogue between both nations on reducing gun violence. 

Click here for the Bosnian version of the press release.

Oceans & Islands – New E-Magazine Launched Today

June 12, 2014

Forming part of the celebrations for the International Year of Small Island Developing States and last week’s World Oceans Day, Oceans & Islands is now available to download for free via the magazine’s official website.

Ending violence against women and girls: 25 policies nominated for Future Policy Award 2014 

June 6, 2014

World Future Council partners with the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and
UN Women to highlight solutions to a global human rights emergency.

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Ocean protection: Cebu City hosts meeting of international policy-makers and practitioners

28 May, 2014

The Regional Forum on Solutions for Oceans, Coasts and Human Wellbeing is organized by the Blue Solutions Initiative, the World Future Council and with support of the Lighthouse Foundation.

World Future Council mourns death of Hans-Peter Dürr

19 May, 2014

The World Future Council mourns its founding member Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr. The nuclear physicist and philosopher passed away on May 18 at the age of 84 in Munich.

WFC appoints Brenda Martin as new Head of the Africa Liaison Office based in Johannesburg, South Africa

15 May, 2014

As of today, Brenda Martin, Founder of the highly respected South African Project 90, has been appointed as new Head of the African Liaison Office of the World Future Council (WFC).

New initiative for concrete parliamentary action on nuclear disarmament

9 May, 2014

Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) and the World Future Council (WFC) yesterday launched a series of hearings, seminars and other events in parliaments around the world to implement a landmark resolution.

European politicians across party lines call for 100% target for renewable energy

21 March, 2014

A group of some 50 European policy makers across party lines has called upon the European Commission to drastically increase the targets for renewable energy in the context of this week’s decision to set climate and energy targets for 2030.

WFC members and RLA laureates denounce limited focus of Nuclear Security Summit

20 March, 2014

In a joint statement 38 recipients of the Right Livelihood Award and members of the World Future Council are calling on world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit to acknowledge that, for nuclear weapons, there are “no right hands”.

Three years after Fukushima: 100% renewable energy is only a matter of political will

11 March, 2014

Three years after the Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear disaster, the Global100RE Ambassadors are highlighting the need to refrain from using hazardous nuclear and fossil energy sources and instead shift towards 100% renewable energy.

Japanese regions transition to 100% renewable energy

31 January, 2014

Local governments across Japan are seeking to supply their regions with 100% renewable energy, three years after the major earthquake which resulted in a nuclear disaster.

Japanese Version: 日本の地域からの100%自然エネルギーへの移行

Study: Global austerity costs 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars annually

14 January, 2014

As a consequence of austerity policies in many countries, millions are deprived of work and vast production opportunities remain unused. A study by the German-based World Future Council (WFC) states the value of lost production at 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars annually.

Spanish Version: La austeridad mundial cuesta 2,3 billones al año

Archive 2013

19 November, 2013: Climate Talks: UN must engage in global renewable energy uptake to reduce carbon emissions

18 November, 2013: "The Global 100% Renewable Energy Coalition" called upon national governments to commit to 100% renewable energy targets and strategies

10 November, 2013: “Alternative Nobel Prize” Laureates and WFC members demand immediate release of Greenpeace activists.

23 October, 2013: Treaty of Tlatelolco Wins Future Policy Award

Spanish: El Tratado de Tlatelolco gana el Future Policy Award

French: Le Traité de Tlatelolco remporte le Future Policy Award

23 October, 2013: Winners of the Future Policy Award 2013 - Local Press Releases

15 October, 2013: Windhoek is looking for long-term food security solutions as drought crisis continues

7 October, 2013: Future Policy Award 2013: Shortlist reflects successful disarmament efforts worldwide

Spanish version: Siete políticas compiten por un premio internacional

French version: Sept politiques en compétition pour un prix international

20 September, 2013: Legislators highlight urgent need to preserve biodiversity and marine ecosystems in Mesoamerica

Spanish version: Legisladores resaltan la urgente necesidad de conservar la biodiversidad y los ecosistemas marinos de Mesoamérica 

17 September, 2013: Mesoamerican ecosystems in grave danger

Spanish version: Ecosistemas mesoamericanos en grave peligro

16 August, 2013: Is renewable energy the solution for Africa?

16 July, 2013: Nuclear power expansion plans condemned

15 July, 2013: Policy Hearing Ends with Affirmative Action for Forests in Africa

10 July, 2013: Tanzania’s VP Gharib Billal opens international policy hearing in Dar es Salaam

27 June, 2013: 7th Annual General Meeting of the World Future Council in Bonn

27 June, 2013: Global shock and outrage at World Food Prize for GMO executives

19 June, 2013: Europe could become world’s first 100% Renewable Energy continent

6 June, 2013: 25 innovative disarmament policies nominated for Future Policy Award 2013

6 June, 2013: Nominations for the Future Policy Award 2013 - Local Press Releases

17 April, 2013: New Global Alliance calls for 100 percent renewable energy

15 April, 2013: The World Future Council and Deutsche Welle team up for this year's Global Media Forum

19 March, 2013: 2013 Future Policy Award celebrates world's best disarmament policies

18 March, 2013: New Study: Renewable Energies provide great potential for socio-economic development in Africa

01 February, 2013: 12-year-old environmentalist advises World Future Council

Archive 2012

10 December, 2012: Human rights are at the heart of our future: WFC opens new office in Geneva

10 December, 2012: Les droits de l'homme sont au coeur de notre avenir: Le Conseil mondiale pour l’avenir ouvre un nouveau bureau

30 November, 2012: Study: Feed-in Tariffs can unlock Africa’s untapped renewable energy potential

27 November, 2012: At the seminal meeting in Abu Dhabi the World Future Council calls for a “quick change of course” concerning climate change

23 November, 2012: H.H Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al-Nahyan inaugurated the 6th Annual General Meeting of the World Future Council in Abu Dhabi

14 November, 2012: Forests for People in Rwanda: A Success Story

31 October, 2012: World Future Council warns against marine phosphate mining

17 October, 2012: Best Oceans Policies Awarded at UN Biodiversity Summit

10 October, 2012: Community-based energy transition most effective strategy

26 September, 2012: Future Policy Award 2012 goes to Palau

4 September, 2012: Five countries’ ocean and coastal policies shortlisted for the 2012 FPA

10 July, 2012: „1000 Hills, 1000 Solutions“

9 July, 2012: Kigali Declaration for Forests for People

22 June, 2012: Rio+20 Failure

21 June, 2012: Rio outcome postpones action

21 June, 2012: Unlocking Europe’s potential through accessibility

19 June, 2012: Governments need to find their vision and hearing as the Rio Summit is set to start

17 June, 2012: Bring the Future Back in the Text!

15 June, 2012: Appeal to Rio+20: Disarmament for Sustainable Development

6 June, 2012: Future Policy Award celebrates solutions to save oceans and coasts

4 June, 2012: Earth Emergency: World Future Council issues Global Policy Action Plan

30 May, 2012: “Africa will be the Powerhouse of the World”

8 May, 2012: World Future Council celebrates 5th anniversary

12 April, 2012: A world without barriers: Inclusion is a human right

20 February, 2012: Rio+20 Must Guarantee a Right to the Future

7 February, 2012: Theme of Future Policy Award 2012: Oceans and Coasts


Archive 2011

23 December, 2011: New Councillors to Change the World

12 December, 2011: After Durban: UNCSD meeting in New York sets the Vision
for Rio and for our Future

12 December, 2011: Le chef de la biodiversité de l’ONU signe un Mémorandum d’entente avec le Conseil pour l’avenir du monde

12 December, 2011: El Jefe de las Naciones Unidas para la Diversidad Biológica firma Memorando de Entendimiento con el Consejo Mundial del Futuro

8 December, 2011: Hollywood goes Rwanda: Daryl Hannah joins World Future Council

7 December, 2011: The 100 Billion Dollar Question: How to finance the Green Climate Fund?

9 November 2011: New report on exemplary government action on saving biodiversity

12 October 2011: African Renewable Energy Alliance Celebrates 2nd Birthday

29 September 2011: A Law to Stop the Destruction of Nature

21 September 2011: Future Policy Award crowns world’s best forest policies

12 September 2011: The inconvenient truth about the climate-nuclear nexus

5 September 2011: Escaping the dictatorship of short termism

17 August 2011: To whom does the world belong?

5 July 2011: Forest Policies from six countries shortlisted for Future Policy Award

1 July 2011: "Women should be at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution"

20 June 2011: Renewable energy is a chance for Africa

3 June 2011: This is sustainability: Institutions against the dictatorship of short-term profits

19 May 2011: UN Biodiversity Chief becomes Honorary Councillor of World Future Council

17 May 2011: Nuclear risk and climate change connection analyzed in new World Future Council report

9 May 2011: New IPCC report on renewable energy is ‘litmus test’ for policy makers

29 March 2011: Alliance of Right Livelihood Award Laureates Demands Global Nuclear Phase Out

21 March 2011: International Policy Award for Visionary Forest Policies

15 March 2011: Statements of the World Future Council about the situation in Japan

3 February 2011: Theme of Future Policy Award 2011: Forests


Archive 2010 Archive 2009 Archive 2008

12 December 2008:
World Future Council: All Hype and no Substance in Poznan
Read the press release here

12 December 2008:
European Legislators Meet for Hearing in Poznan
Read the press release here

11 December 2008:
World Future Council Chair Bianca Jagger warns that a weak EU climate package will get the Poznan Climate negotiations on the wrong track
Read the press release here

27 November 2008:
World Future Council announces opening of EU Office – Appeal to EU to protect renewable energy investments during December EU Summit
Read the press release here

27 November 2008:
WFC calls for Poznan Action Plan
Read the press release here

17 November 2008:
WFC protests against arrest of Councillor Sulak Sivaraksa
Read the press release here

14 October 2008:
Global solar leaders to policymakers: tax incentives don’t go far enough
Read the press release here

13 October 2008:
WFC supports the UN Millenium Development Goals - WFC Councillors demand to stand up against poverty in video appeals
Read the UN press release here

2 October 2008:
Global energy firm Nexant sponsors World Future Council's solar energy policy forum
Read the press release here

16 August 2008:
World Future Council delegation meets Indian Prime Minister
Read more here

2 July 2008:
World Future Council youth delegation and Bianca Jagger present G8 appeal to German and Japanese governments
Read more

1 June 2008:
Kids call on G8 heads-of-state during Japanese Prime Minister Visit in Berlin
Download here

22 May 2008:
WFC calls for radical change in perspectives at second Annual General Meeting in Hamburg, Germany:  We cannot continue living Today as though there were no Tomorrow.

WFC Resolution 2008:
Nurturing the future

15 May 2008:
The World Future Council:
One Year of Success in Promoting Best Policies around the Globe - WFC
convenes in Hamburg, Germany for 2nd Annual Meeting.

Invitation WFC Work Program 2008 Press Conference.

28 April 2008:
KidsCall World Tour on Climate Change Draws to a Close.

27 April 2008:
Feeling Climate Change: 10,000 km bicycle trek through Africa.

24 April 2008:
Biance Jagger speaks at Preparatory Conference for the establishment of an International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).
download speech

6 March 2008:
Concrete Solutions Fit for Purpose in US.

6 February 2008:
World Future Council Launches Operations in India.

23 January:
EU Climate Directive will not provide sustainable energy supply for Europe.


Archive 2007

12 December 2007: WFC Chair Bianca Jagger urges "world leaders of the wealthiest industrialised countries to stop playing Russian Roulette with our future."

8 December 2007: Industrial Countries Put Brakes on Climate Talks in Bali.

28 November 2007: Feed-in Tariffs Only Way Out of Climate Chaos: WFC Launches PACT.

15 November 2007: WFC Calls for Drastic Change in Direction to Combat Climate Change
Council Speaks Up for Future Generations at UK Launch.

8 November 2007: Bianca Jagger Denounces "Sticky Plaster" Approach to Climate Change:
WFC Chair Sets Course for UK Launch.

27 September 2007: WFC Calls for End to Bloodshed in Burma.

11 September 2007: World Future Council Pays Tribute to Anita Roddick.
click here for tribute

7 July 2007: KidsCall Launched Live on Stage at LiveEarth.

5 July 2007: WFC to Launch KidsCall Campaign at LiveEarth.

14 May 2007: "Shocking Irresponsibility" - The World Future Council Reacts to the G8 Declaration on Climate Change.

13 May 2007: World Future Council Appeals to G8: Listen to the Voice of Future Generations.

7 May 2007: The Hamburg Call to Action.

7 May 2007: The Future Starts This Week in Hamburg .

World Future Council receives funding.

27 February 2007: The Council membership grows.

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